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Simply put, whenever an engineer anywhere in the world needs to build a basic floor slab or plan a sophisticated nuclear power plant, ACI is the first informed stop in the design process. When did ACI first acknowledge precast concrete? Even without its own national code of practice, precast concrete construction grew steadily. This was a document based on committee recommendations that were augmented by manufacturers and specialists knowledgeable in precast. One of the established purposes of ACI is to disseminate and advance documents relating to all aspects of reinforced concrete, not only through ACI , but also with its many specifications, guides and reports.

In addition to its two annual conventions, ACI also conducts seminars around the world that are designed to keep the construction industry up to date on emerging technology.

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ACI is well known for its personnel certification programs that provide credentials to individuals from laborers to construction supervisors. Local ACI chapters are open to everyone from students to engineers, and their regional meetings offer informative presentations. Scholarships and fellowships are available to outstanding students at the undergraduate and graduate level studying fields related to concrete. Concrete canoes, consultants and contractors Student competitions including handmade, lightweight concrete canoes that not only float but are actually raced sponsored by ACI are great fun and excellent practical learning experiences.

The ACI Board of Directors includes university professors and researchers, structural engineers, private consultants, designers and architects, construction business owners and concrete support industry representatives, and contractors.

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The concrete industry, whether cast-in-place or precast, owes much of its progress to ACI and to the highly qualified professionals who have volunteered their time and talent for more than a century. A question often arises as to whether ACI describes a standard or, rather, a code that is a legally enforced document.


A standard, unlike a code, is not a legal document. A standard acquires legal authority usually by a two-step adoption process. Classrooms and libraries used to be no-fly zones for Superman and Captain Marvel.

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These days, teachers and librarians actually leverage comics to pry into the minds of unenthusiastic or fearful readers. Sometimes, students who struggle with the written word digest literary devices like symbolism, themes and narrative better when there are pictures to help them along.


Comics are also useful for communicating non-fiction or biographical information. Politicians and celebrities are frequent subjects. For instance, a biographical comic due in late will detail the life of tycoon Donald Trump. The same publisher, Bluewater Productions, has already produced or plans to release titles about the lives of Barack Obama , Justin Bieber, and Jon Stewart.

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And thanks to the Web, you no longer even have to visit a newsstand or comic book shop to find comics. Web comics are a genre unto themselves, with all of the unlimited potential of digital tools used to create them. In fact, many Web comic artists call the computer screen the infinite canvas , one that can be used to show the artistry of comics in a single panel, or innumerable frames with imaginative layouts and limitless storytelling potential.

Perhaps the infinite canvas is an appropriate phrase for comics as a whole. They've morphed from simple, one-frame beginnings to novel-length epics, to the movie screen, to the online world. They've triumphed over "funny book" and superhero stereotypes, survived government suppression and even won over the very teachers who once banned them from English class.

If all of this history is any indication, comic books will be here spinning their tales for a long time to come.